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Distributor of Inert Materials

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Инертните материали са широк набор от естествени природни ресурси, използвани в строителството. Инертните материали се използват като основна съставка при производство на бетон, асфалтови смеси и други композитни смеси, пътни основи, скални насипи и други. Инертните материали са широко използвани при изграждане на фундамент под основи, пътища и железопътни линии. Ние Ви гарантираме оптималното предлагане на висококачествени инертни материали, които са основа за строителни работи и много други продукти в ежедневието ни.



We help you complete your project with quality, on time and at a great price.

ATCO-1 was established in 2002 by specialists in the production and distribution of inert materials. By choosing our partnership, you choose to work with an established, flexible and loyal partner for whom anything is possible.

ATCO-1 supplies inert materials from all producers in the city of Sofia. We can meet your needs and cover your special requirements.

If you are a business owner or just someone who likes to be in complete control of every aspect of their business and need inert materials for whitewash and concrete production, plastering, putty and embankment construction, infrastructure construction or electrical construction, whether you have your own transport or not, make yourself comfortable. We deliver them for you quickly, reliably and profitably.



АТКО-1 EOOD is partnering with the main producers of aggregates in the Sofia area:

  • Holcim quarry materials AD with quarries Chepintsi, Negovan, Pet Mogili and Rudinata

  • Transcomplect engineering OOD with quarry Krivina

  • Stones and sand with quarries Pet Mogili and Dolni Bogrov

  • HydroecoPIM OOD with quarry Chelopechene



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str. Geori S. Rakovski 8
Sofia 1202, Bulgaria



GSM: 0899926627; 0887890163; 0882462166

Tel/fax: 02 9313067

Get a quote: 0899926627

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